Her Passion

Her passion
attracts me like fire attracts moths!
This isn’t even a confession.
Oh, how she burns,
worse than the devil’s whips!
And I like it!
That’s my no-guilt pleasure;
I want it more, more, and more;
I want more, more, of her;
I want her to consume me
like an ocean of fire!
I want her to torture me
like a sadist torturer;
I have no fear!
My heart keeps melting,
yellowing, and yellowing;
perhaps, she is the only one capable
of igniting such a feeling!
She is a glowing flame;
she is my joyful, colorful dream!
Her passion,
awakens my emotion!
Am really screwed,
totally doomed!



23 thoughts on “Her Passion

    1. Thank you, Amira! πŸ™‚ Words are indeed dangerous … but not the ones above, those are just … umm attempts πŸ™‚ There will be a fine next time for forgetting to include a smile! lol

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