“Love Me If You Dare”

“Love me if you dare,” she said.
And that was what I exactly did.
I dared. I loved her.
I so opened my door.
But guess what happened:
she ran away; she got scared;
she became so frantic,
which I felt was so tragic.

I still let her sit
somewhere in my heart;
I let her occupy a corner of it,
and am totally okay with that.
Who cares, right!!?


After watching “love me if you dare,” trust me you would also be tempted to scribble something like this. lol So go ahead watch it … I highly recommend! A friend recommended it and I enjoyed it a lot! πŸ™‚ If you are a French film addict like me, this is definitely your cup of tea! πŸ˜€


This song (and the video) may be kinda cheesy, but I like cheese so there you have it! πŸ˜€


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