I wanna tell you … but

I wanna tell you I love you
But mon amie I can’t
Under the given circumstance
I better keep my mouth shut

It’s nearly impossible
to think of love between us
Not that we’re incompatible
but because I foresee chaos
that can make our life hell

Sometimes I wish we’ve never met
as much as I love seeing you
What a terrible thing to say
but it really hurts loving you
I would call that a curse
And it has only gotten worse

Life ain’t fair sometimes
because it ain’t always about what you want
It forces you to consider things
that you surely can have an impact on

I wanna tell you I love you
because I do love you so much
But there’s no point my friend
in trying to catch the wind

What if you rationalize it,
or worse, you don’t feel the same
I don’t wanna take the risk
I don’t wanna feel shame

Love mustn’t be a pain thing
or like a mouth trap
Ah, a bittersweet feeling
Ah, I now feel so crap

I wanna tell you I love you
but I am such a coward
I am afraid to tell you
because you are my friend

You make me laugh and cry
you’re happiness to me
I wanna be next to you
Always next to you mon amie


FYI: Mahmoud Ahmed is a legendary Ethiopian singer. πŸ™‚ I love both hers and his version, Bemin Sebeb Litlash (How could I ever hate you?)!


14 thoughts on “I wanna tell you … but

  1. the worst feeling in the world – to love someone and not be able to get that someone.
    it’s a cruel cruel world πŸ˜₯
    lovely words with real feeling to it – as usual from Elyas πŸ™‚

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