The Carnival Begins :)

So finally we reunited: my laptop and I. Refurbished, restocked, all upgraded. New hard drive, new Operating System. New memory speed; let’s hope I won’t get any ticket for speeding. New softwares. Old cover, old keyboard, which am okay with.

From cybernating to blogging. Full power cyborg. The digital I is super excited. It feels good.

Here is the thing: once you are exposed to something fun, it is hard to stay away from it; once you taste freedom, of course, you cannot tolerate oppression; once you see the light, you don’t want to stay in the dark; once you see the ocean, you can’t just be stuck with the river; once you travel the world, you find it difficult to settle in one place; once you learn how to love, you can only love more; once you flirt with modernity, you can’t remain traditional forever; once you meet a liberal, you can’t help but question conservatism; once you swim in the digital space, of course, staying in the analog world can be impossible. Life is dynamic. Change is inevitable. How you embrace that change is what is most important. Change is necessary; we as organisms are changing every microsecond—one cell dies, another replaces it.

It is great to have you, my laptop. Let’s party! Now we are talking. Fantastisch! πŸ˜€


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