“Leave me … Don’t love me”

She asked him to leave her alone.
He did. He left her alone.
He smiled and he moved on.
He knew, too, she wasn’t in fact alone;
She was already seeing someone—
Not worth a mention,
But just a meaningless rotation,
A loveless, chronic desperation,
Armed with perpetual dissatisfaction.

Whatever she was after, he left her alone.
What else could he have done?
Practically speaking nothin’.
There was no point in fightin’.
Fight for what?
For a faded, bruised, worn–out,
Restless, unsatisfied heart?
He tried his best.
He tried to be a therapist
Even if he wasn’t one;
He tried to love, to comfort
Despite his own burden.
But in return,
He found himself on the frying pan!
So yeah he was relieved she asked
To be left alone. Cause that was what he, too, wanted.
Enough was enough. Why pain
When both could be happy with someone else?
Why suffer
When both could follow their happiness?

It was pointless to stick it out,
To disappoint their souls that resisted
Being captives
Of a love that had already faded.
So he left her alone.
He left her in peace,
Letting her come to terms
With her shadows and blues.
Letting her enjoy her darkness,
He moved on,
But vowing to never be in another mess
No way!
Better be alone!

Now, he is waitin’
For the right someone
That believes in him
And that he can believe in;
That loves or hates him
Superficially not
(For his job, status,
For his appearance),
But a pure heart to heart connection,
Acceptin’ each other’s imperfection,
And supportin’ each other’s vision,
Which others may not believe in.

And something is in the air
Cause he smells a new flower,
And he feels yellow, he does
As he looks out the window,
As he begins anew.
Life should be as simple as that …
Being in and absorbing the passing moment.

“Leave me …
Don’t love me …”
Such a self-hate;
Such a self-defeat!
Glad he ran away from it;
He will run again, for sure,
Should he encounter it;
To hell with bitter sugar!



3 thoughts on ““Leave me … Don’t love me”

  1. Very interesting.
    but when a person usually tells you to leave them alone it usually means the opposite. The broken and lost heart is sometimes hard to understand, even for that person.

  2. Thanks Zebiba and Isadora! πŸ™‚

    @Zebiba: I agree with you, but in this case we have here, leave me alone clearly meant leave me alone …

    …and even if we assume the persons who usually say “leave me alone” mean the opposite, how are the receivers going to to know that? … I would prefer the persons take some time off to clear their head instead of saying something at a time of confusion, which they actually didn’t mean, but something that I would consider they meant it.

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