Poetic Feeling

I see poetic charm on your round face.
I see, too, poetic whirlpools inside your eyes.
I feel poetic dance when I hear your voice.
I taste poetic bliss when my lips meet your lips.

You inspire me days and nights.

You’re my poetry, you’re my lovely verse;
You make me feel blues, you bring me yellows;
I feel warm colors, I feel mystic light;
Deep inside my soul, deep inside my heart:
Glowing, glowing … flowing, flowing …
Such a yellow feeling.

Yellow scorpion,
I wish I can feign
The sting
I am feeling;
I wish I can paint
So that you can see it.

Feel smug if you want,
But I’ve to reveal it—
My poetic feeling,
Which could just be a fling.



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