Better World

Only if there were ears that listen,
Eyes that see beyond the horizon;
Only if there were no hearts that fake,
Hypocrites that walk not their talk;
Only if there were big hearts everywhere,
And absolutely loveless creatures nowhere;

Only if we were not superficials,
Obsessed with stuff, with materials;
Only if we could do the right thing,
And not creatively destroy everything:
The earth, the water, the air we breathe;
Only if we could promote good health,
That lets us not exploit,
And makes us think positive thought;

Only if we opened our minds and hearts,
We could enjoy yellows and blues,
We could live in harmony and peace;
Only if we stopped playing god,
We could see a better world:
One that is not filthy,
Or absolutely ugly;
One that thrives not on ignorance,
And profits not from wars;

One that is not a breeding ground
For disgusting, power hungry pigs,
For racists, psychos, or terrorist thugs;
One that has no room for soulless gluttons or zombies,
Arrogant or rogue states,Β sadists, heartless hedonists,
Narcissists, rapists, murderers, and cold-blooded maggots.



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