Maybe, you think am melting like snow
But am only acting, you must know
I am stone-hearted, and I am hollow
I won’t feel you today or tomorrow

I’ve become numb, and a zombie
Come now, and feel, feel, feel me
Try me, but you ain’t gonna win
Because my heart won’t let you in

I’ve become steel though I am very thin
Trust me, I won’t get you under my skin
Touch me, and if you dare, come, bite me
You won’t get a meat nor will you hurt me

You think, am a dreamer, but am not
Am a rusted metal, and a rusted heart
You think, am a believer, but am not
Love ain’t my religion, ain’t my fight

Am a faded paint, don’t feel me
You gonna get hurt, don’t love me
Don’t see me, you gonna get sick
Don’t touch me, you gonna be a freak

Believe me, my name is loveless
Am heartless, cold, and soulless


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