Come …

Come, my love, sit with me
Under this olive tree
Come, my love, sit here
Let’s worship nature
Let’s watch an ant
Carrying a big leaf
Come, let’s smile at
The sun, and our life
Come, let’s bright
As the sun goes down
Come, my twilight
Let’s have some fun

Come, let’s be together
Let’s spy on the hunter
As he winks at the autumn moon
Come, let’s wait for the dawn

Come to me, my dear, my passion fruit
Let me kiss you rough, let me kiss you soft
Come, let me admire your diamond eyes
Let me kiss them too in total silence
Let me make fun of your tiny, tiny nose
And let me caress you under your blouse

Come to me, my love, my yellow flower
Come, let’s feel the night air
Let’s listen to Cicadas shrill
Come let’s play, let’s dance reel

Come, let’s sleep, let’s fear not shadows
Come, let’s wake up, and see dew drops
Come, let’s welcome the blue dawn
And let’s adore the big yellow sun
Come let’s enjoy the fresh morning
Let’s jump, let’s run, and let’s sing
Let’s watch the birds leave their nests
And let’s listen to their sweet songs

Come to me, my love, come, let’s dance
Come let’s enjoy total peacefulness
Let’s communicate with the universe
Come to me, my love, let’s feel happiness

Fun song πŸ˜€


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