I Quit!

You know,
I thought
You were the light in the tunnel
That I dreamt.
But I was mistaken …
You are just another pain.

I cannot let
Unhappiness enter my life again;
No way, not this soon;
I cannot entertain you as my new pain!

So my darling, I quit;
Goodbye, my yellow flute!

I was already a bruised soul when you came;
I let you into my heart
Only because I saw you as a healing flame:
A yellow fire, lovely, and passionate;
You inspired me to imagine the unimaginable,
But now I realize, I was just in a fantasy, in a bubble.

Yes, you were right
When you said I acted unrealistically optimist;
Optimist I am, but to imagine, to expect
The possibility of love with a distant heart,
Yes, perhaps, that was a naive fault.

So go ahead, my dear, live
Your realistic life;
Forget this long-distance love,
and find your future husband or wife!

I am truly done;
I cannot let you sting me for no reason;
Goodbye, my cute scorpion.

Goodbye, my yellow flower,
Or whatever I called you before;
You are already wilting outside my heart’s door,
Your withering petals falling on the floor.

Meeting you, however, was a bliss,
But I cannot afford to go on like this,
To, soon or later, see my blue, disappointed face
In the mirror, calling me a wuss.

Time for me to act realistic,
And to quit being unrealistically romantic.
Until I meet another someone
That believes in the possibility of the impossible,
I shall bring down my heart’s curtain,
Close my doors, windows, and anything penetrable;
I can no more swim inside a bubble.

I dared to let you enter my heart,
But now I quit;
However, I won’t give up on love
Because I dare to live,
I dare to dream,
I dare to beam,
I dare not gloom,
I dare to bloom!



22 thoughts on “I Quit!

  1. Hello.
    It’s good that you don’t want to give up on love.
    I’m sure your determination will be rewarded with someone who will appreciate what you have to offer.

    Nicely done, Elyas!

    Thanks for sharing & for the visit. Much appreciated.

    Unchain My Heart

  2. So very telling and truthful. An nice expression of a sensitive love lost by exposing wounds.
    As always … a winner.

    P.S. Thank you for showing me how to post the badges. It did work with the 2nd suggestion.
    ~~~ : – )

  3. from the begining I enjoyed it … and could feel the pain … I could relate to it… the impossibility of distant dreams… to come true…

    I liked your lines….
    ‘But I was mistaken …
    You are just another pain.’

    Some times we let in love to flower into pain…

    thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At twitter @VerseEveryDay

  4. “I shall bring down my heart’s curtain,
    Close my doors, windows, and anything penetrable;”

    These images are strong and weighty, and they give this poem a visual character that flows smoothly. I love that, in the end, you dare to bloom!


  5. You’re being criticized of optimism and look at you! Still optimistic about finding someone better than this one. I wish i could be you. Most of us are just hungover our past 🙂

    1. you r funny … 🙂 well, my friend, it’s not also so easy for me to quit the past, but not long ago I began to realize that it’s too pointless to dwell in the past, when I could just enjoy the present and look forward to the future while learning from my mistakes or adventures.

      … sometimes you meet really amazing people that you would otherwise never meet had you not let go of your past, and you wonder! … exceptional things often happen when you least expect them …

      Breakups happen for many reasons, sometimes it’s good that they happen, but because we develop attachment to that person we fail to see the positive aspects of the breakup that we only think of it as a “loss” that must not have happened, etc. That is really a mistake. What you consider a “loss” at the time of the breakup, you may later on realize that it was actually a “gain” that you are so freaking happy that past is gone. But to feel that kind of happiness it may take you years or few months of dark room, self lockups. lol However, if in the beginning of the breakup you accept it both from a positive and negative perspective, then you won’t be hurt that much … you have a reason to hope for the better … coz as they say, THE BEST IS YET TO COME. 🙂 Not always true, but you get the point. They say: don’t let the green pastures fool you; “what’s on the other side?” may not always be the best. 🙂 That’s true too. … so you just have to find your way around in these two conditions; I guess this is where gambling becomes an important skill, which I lack, but I need not gamble, I can just HOPE, be optimistic, if my past fails me or I fail it. lol

      The thing is I refuse just one thing or one person to determine my happiness or my sadness … if that person wants to remain with me, that’s excellent; if they wanna quit, FINE by me … I must feel happiness first without the involvement of another person; of course, an involvement will certainly double my happiness if I am with the right person. But first is first … I gotta be happy on my own … I cannot fully rely on only one thing or one person to b happy … That’s something I am slowly, but joyfully embracing as part of my life.

      And trust me when I say that optimism pays off. lol big time.

      1. How long it must have taken you to comment 🙂

        Reading what you said, i can’t help but think about the friends that i have fought with on a major level but I’ve never actually broken up. I don’t take break ups so easily, so i never though about it from this point view. But dude, it’s hard to find someone better in a place where all you find are the people who gossip about you and turn your life into a living hell. I’ve had a very bad experience and i have different thoughts than these. And i love my friends a lot!

        Though You are right. Once a friend left the school and i found a new friend, and he was amazing and one of the best human beings I’ve ever met. And if it weren’t for “moving on”, i would’ve never found him.

        But i guess it’s one in a ten chance that you’ll actually find someone who can make you forget about the previous one.


      2. I understand my friend how hard it can be to deal with such issues, and I agree with your views one hundred per cent. It’s never easy to let go of the past and to move on with your life … to accept the inevitable, to embrace new realities, and to welcome new, more amazing, or more disappointing characters into your personal space, which we call the lonely or solitude world, I prefer to call it solitude. 🙂 But quitting sometimes is life saving. It’s better to quit than to “stick it out” if the only final outcome that you get is sorrow.

        … Regarding borrowing, no problem at all! Borrowing is “legally blond” on this blog lol; am humbled as usual. Thank you for the kind compliments, I don’t know if I deserve it, however, thank you. 🙂

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