I must confess …

pic via fineartamerica.com

I must confess:
I can’t hide my feelings;
Otherwise, I feel am committing sins;
That is my worst weakness, (?)
And god is my witness.

I want to say you are my great summer,
My autumn fire, my warmest winter,
And my spring yellow flower!

You’ve let me cross a line plenty times;
I have let you, too, my goddess;
I am so glad we both expose our nakedness,
And that we have miraculously
Passed the stage where people play ego-boosting games
of seek and hide;
How lovely I think that is, indeed!

Before you came into my life I was opaque, now am transparent;
You can clearly see through my brown eyes and my joyful heart.
I’ve opened myself to you like a rose petal;
I have become a porcelain, I was a metal—
Invincible then, but now very fragile;
So please be careful because I may fall.
I have melted down for your genuineness;
You can’t back off now, you can’t play fake games
Even if I turn you off, even if I make a mess.
I hope you care for my soft skin;
I hope you don’t mind, and I hope you don’t run
When I flood you with my unstoppable emotion.

I know you do care and I trust you—
The reason why am like a puppy when I am with you.
I know you feel the same, I know you’ve feelings for me—
The reason why you are like a kitten when you are with me.

We are so sensitive, we are so impatient;
That makes me happy, and how I so like it!
My heart is already inside your heart;
I shall let you hold, and affectionately play with it,
But no way am gonna, or let you, retreat.
Even if we fail, I shall have no regret;
Que sera sera, life is sweet;
That shall be my motto if we choose to part.

pic via flickr.com

I confessed before I was into you,
And I now must confess I am mad for you!
I am loving this, this muddy trap;
When you don’t write, I feel so crap,
Cranky as hell, and a restless mind!
Jezz, what have you done to this poor child?

Rise and shine, my lovely sunshine;
Am waiting for you, feeling divine …
Heyyy let me say …
I miss you, I miss you every day!
Heyyy let me sing …
Ding ding ding, sing sing sing!


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8 thoughts on “I must confess …

  1. “I want to say you are my great summer,
    My autumn fire, my warmest winter,
    And my spring yellow flower!”
    That is my fav !
    Elyas, I love reading about pure love, free of complex and twisted emotions.
    As you tell me, KEEP WRITING !
    Have a good day/night πŸ™‚

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