She’s the one …

She’s my good luck
Yellow and black
A strong coffee
Cute like a duck
And a charming look.
She inspires me
As she sits lonely
Singing like Tracy
Her voice lovely.

She’s the one for me
Who really gets me
I dream her voice
I enjoy her laughs
How I love her puns
Never she bluffs
Listens to blues
Great she dances!

She is red and free
She’s poetry
She’s the one for me
Sweet and funny.
I feel quite blessed
Let me thank my god
For the treasure
I just discovered.


Inspired by this:


2 thoughts on “She’s the one …

  1. I just.. always had that thing in me brain. Will have it for a long time in my life. The possible reason I created that Conor-Audrey stories. I just hope such feelings of one friend or whatever remain for the other forever. When a guy looks at his girl or a close friend.. Or vice versa.. One knows what one has and what the other person means to her or him =)

    I am gonna bookmark this poem. Huff

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