Fill Me In …

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The comings and the goings
The reasons and the seasons
The ups and the downs
The laughs and the cries
The bless and the curse
The peace and the mess

The huffs and the puffs
The coughs and the cuffs
The rights and the rites
The writes and the lights
The smiles and the frowns
The clowns and the crowns
The boys and the girls
The silvers and the pearls
The joys and the griefs
The floors and the roofs

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The sun and the moon
The men and the women
The visible and the invisible
The exciting and the dull
The best and the worst
The if and the but
The lost and the cost
The neat and the guilt
The most and the least
Interesting aspects
Of your life:
Com’on, fill me in.
Says mom.
I feel numb.


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