Haiku? (Asnakech Worku)

Sweet, sweeter than honey
Sleep peacefully.


ጥፍጥናሽ የሚልቅ ከማር
ፋና ወጊ አንቺ ባለ ክራር
ውዴ ነፍስሽን ይማር!



Thousands of mourners attended the funeral of Ethiopia’s celebrated singer and actress, Asnaketch Worku, who died on Thursday morning [Sept 15, ’11], four days after the [Ethiopian] New Year’s Day. She was 78. Asnaketch was one of the last divas of Ethiopian music and was considered one of the finest musicians of her day. She had been in poor health in recent years, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. […] She is best remembered for many of her tunes that became standards over the years. Her singing style was unique, a combined result of bold projection and expressive restraint. She had a deeper register and honesty and sincerity in dealing with human frailty and vulnerability. … more here.

[…]  Asnakech Worku, the diversely talented actress and krar wielding musician extraordinaire, was considered the very epitome of glamour and sensuality in Ethiopian theater. Her intoxicating talent and born sensuality gave her license to place her indelible imprint on some of the most memorable moments of National Theater’s history. … more here.

Asnakech masterfully played her signature musical instrument, K’rar, a five- or six-stringed Ethiopian lyre:

May she rest in peace!!! 😦


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