Baby, young, old
Worships Allah, God,
Spirits, and gold
My mama land
My papa land


Old kingdom, young republic
Baby democracy, culture terrific
(sometimes horrific)
Attractive scenery
Conflicting history

Victory over foreign invasions
Founding member of United Nations
A proxy field of the East and the West
For modern and ancient dreams – a melting pot

Stretches hand to the mighty
To the supreme, to the deity
Land of scarcity, land of plenty
Land of the lords, land of the peasants
Land of the enslaved, land of the slavers …

Land of the tigers, women warriors
Land of the rebels, freedom fighters
Land of Alulas, land of Jagemas, land of Belays
Land of Queen Shebas, land of Bilillees
Land of the lefts, land of the rights


Capitally poor, spiritually rich
Welcomes visitors so they learn and teach
Proud, (in)dependent, always unafraid
To her children, a magical land

She delights me, my love, my beauty
Her poets create scenes of gaiety
Her art flows like River Nile
Happy inside she makes me feel

Wretched she may be today, tomorrow
She may weep, wail, or harvest sorrow
She may give birth to evil children
She may be seen as a great burden

She can be anything one can imagine
Cloudy, rainy, bright, sunshine
Angry, happy, mad, phony, sad
Disease-infested, or malnourished


She can be a danger like gasoline
Very hot-tempered, very flammable
She can be sweet like violin
Very comforting, very enjoyable

She is a paradox, she is a puzzle
She can let you breathe, or she can muzzle
She still keeps going, still keeps dancing
She is everything, or she is nothing

But no matter how dirty or clueless
And no matter how thirsty or penniless
She’s my mommy – I love her to death
She inspires me, she gives me warmth


She has been asleep, and has been at war
But now she’s awake, and has begun to roar
Her people still demand more freedom
They have yet toΒ feel very much at home

No need to divide, no need to conquer
No need to cry, no need to suffer
No need to be stuck in the past failure
Let’s shape the now for better future

My Utopia!


6 thoughts on “Ethiopia

  1. Well said … you have written a beautiful tribute to your country of Ethiopia. I could feel the love, respect, honor and pride your felt in every word. This poem is outstanding. It has deep fellings in every word. I cannnot say enough about it.
    GREAT JOB …. Gobez …. Berta …

  2. Your writing is so rich and provocative! Beautiful penning and inspiring. Leave one to ponder.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Won’t you join us in Free Write Friday? It’s posted now. πŸ™‚

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