Adam, Lilith, and Eve

Before Eve, they say, there was Lilith,
Adam’s first wife, feisty and tough:
Adam didn’t like that, so he begged for a replacement,
since he wanted to control, since he wanted to dominate;
And so he was granted Eve, the love of his life,
his second wife, mother of Cain and Abel,
but he was, though secretly, still in love with Lilith:
mysterious, free spirit, dominating, invincible;
she was challenge, she was courage, a rough woman,
but Adam, and all the men after him, didn’t like that;
So they called her crazy, a female demon
who loves killing new born children—they made it fact
and they kicked her out of Eden,
and unforgivingly, they cut her out
of the tree of knowledge,
and of the book of lineage—
but they didn’t know she was a survivor,
always there, hidden in Eve’s psyche,
pushing her to demand, to strike
when they oppressed,
or when they failed to care.


In response to:

Poetry Picnic Week 1 : Adam and Eve


12 thoughts on “Adam, Lilith, and Eve

    1. lol I take warnings seriously …

      … thank you for dropping by and for commenting! πŸ™‚ …

      (btw dont forget when you say ‘Keep it up’ in Amharic to a guy, you say Berta πŸ™‚ … Atirshi—don’t forget (for female), and Atirsa (for male) πŸ˜› … two more vocabs added to your list)

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