She knows not
how her actions affect others,
so it really seems!
She’s reckless, illogical, and clueless.
Though she radiates a false sense of happiness,
though wingless,
she’s like those wandering flock of birds.

She likes getting men’s attention.
She likes seeing them salivating.
She likes thinking she’s trapping.
She enjoys flirtation, silly talking
which she does it “only for fun.”
But she can’t see what’s coming,
that her pets are falling, falling, …

She later on realizes
how messed up it’s her assumption.
The assumption: they can be her stony walls:
no attachments, no interests, no feelings.
Let me add this: none of them are gay gay guys,
or her brothers, but just “friends.”

I still don’t know if there’re motives
behind her many stupid actions,
whether she’s just playing games,
whether she’s plotting revenges.
Perhaps, she’s just a fool, a credulous,
who assumes she indeed knows what a man thinks,
and so she does stupid things.

But here’s what I surely know: she loves thrills;
she loves, too, to please others, or so she appears;
she’s impulsive, she barely thinks twice;
she’s a wannabe femme fatale
who calls me “f-ing judgmental!”

I know this, too: she never learns from her mistakes,
and so she repeats, and then she regrets
again, again, again and again;
she has no clue as to what to do with her life;
she’s dangerous, both to herself and to others.

Though I see her as a simpleton,
she makes a good character for my ficciΓ³n!


5 thoughts on “Reckless

  1. Words escape me … this is a detailed descirption of someone that could very well be more than a character in a poem. You would be wise to store this in your memory box for future developing.
    Very nice ..
    Isadora ~~~~ : – )

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