Happy events
no one to share with …
Sad moments
no one to cry to …

Mom far away
Dad far away
Sis far away
Bro far away
I on broadway

I carry
a heavy heart
ready to explode
every day.

Loneliness …

an ocean that
indifferently watches
a spirit that’s about
to be doomed …
a thread that doesn’t
wish to be loomed …
a ghostly shape that
creeps into my bed
while I am half-dead …

Solitude, la soledad …

a light house keeper
a monastery caretaker
a sparrow on a slab
a recluse, a hermit crab
a scorching August sun
a Heineken beer can

a smoker outside a bar
a boogieman inside a car

Loneliness …

No inspiration
No consolation
No genuine guide
(a lonesome road)
No constant mood
No moral support
(and no need for it)
No attentive listener
But, yes, a doomsayer,
a bored and cranky,
an unmotivated other—
a serial, mood killer!

An obedient pen
and a silent notepad,
a true listener,
a true companion.

Loneliness …

a brisk wind whistles
a mosquito whines
a silence screams
a maple leaf falls
a heavy rain drops
a frail cat meows
an ecstatic lover moans
a cockroach hisses
a spooky mouse storms
a quiet heart throbs
a MacBook Pro whirs
a restless finger clicks
a helicopter roars
a neighbor’s bulldog barks
an inner voice calls
a tranquil soul answers
mi corazón cries …

Being here
and not here.
There, somewhere …

A moon dangling in the sky,
charming, beautiful, awing;
a rose in the middle of the Sahara Desert,
blossoming like one in the Garden of Eden;
a majestic albatross gliding above the sunset;
a monk sleeping in his den;
a Haiku poet passing through Times Square;
a Native American stalking a deer.


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