How to Kill a Jovial Mood: a simple guide

You wanna kill a jovial mood, right? It’s simple.

Here are some advises:

JUST BE NEGATIVE, absolutely negative, absolutely nasty, absolutely disagreeable, absolutely cranky, absolutely hypercritical, absolutely unappreciative, absolutely obnoxious, absolutely objectionable—all the time!

Become a dedicated fault-finder, a bitter heart. Network with other fault-finders to master that skill.

Stamp on every positive spirit like you would stamp on a cockroach, and crush it!

Believe the whole world is against you.

Interpret everything you hear or see only negatively. Be paranoid. Assume he or she is after you with bad intentions only, and so attack them, attack like a mad dog, don’t even give them a chance to explain themselves.

Never hesitate to spoil every good moment.

Never question what you do or say, never apply reason. Just blame the other. Be extremely defensive. Be absolutely aggressive. And never allow the other defend himself or herself.

If you carefully practice any of the above advises, I guarantee you that you will absolutely kill a jovial mood in less than a microsecond. Feel free to experiment, too; add your own flavors.

The Result: You make others around you and yourself absolutely miserable!

Good Luck!!!


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