Overhearing at the ATM

The man: I wanna get that portable DVD player!
Listen, listen, listen to me … no darling, listen!
I have taken shower … If she can give me $300, I can get it!
You don’t give it to me, you always give it to her …
Hey, I am positively high right now! I don’t know
what the hell is going on in this place ….
Hey, why? Listen, you behave yourself, okay!
I’m gonna kick your ass! You know me…
No, you can’t say that to me, I don’t do drugs anymore!
You are the one who needed help! Remember, I helped you
out to get over it … you kept going back to it!
Now you call me an addict?
Public? Who gives a f- about the public! I am gonna talk!
I have served my prison terms, I am a free man now!
I can say whatever I want!
Hey darling, you don’t love me anymore? Come on! I wanna
get that DVD player! I’ve to get it! Only 300 dollars!
That is not a lot of money, you know me, I used to make
big bucks! Have you seen that DVD player thing? It’s
so small, it fits in my pocket … I can carry it around!
You don’t understand, I am sick of TV, I wanna watch movie!
This air has gotten me high … honey, stop it, and behave
yourself! … You know how I am when I get angry! …
when we get back, I wanna take you to the grocery store …
and I wanna buy that DVD player! … Darling, you know
they gonna move us out on Friday or on the first! …
You heard, tomorrow is the 8th they gonna move us out!

The woman: You talk shit, Benjamin, shut up, shut up!!!
Don’t talk, don’t talk, let me get my cash from this ATM,
and I am out of here! Why don’t you go outside? Go outside
and don’t wait for me! I can’t listen to your bullshit!

The Man: You behave yourself, old lady!

The Woman: Benjamin!!!!!

The man: What?! You wanna call the police? Go ahead, call them!
Tell them, I beat you up!


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