A reminder to My Present and Future Me

here are 5 core values
I want you to fulfill;
path you follow,
however long it takes, do this:

One: Be independent (financially, ideally or mentally).

Two: Be authentic. Be original. Learn from others, but project your voice. Live creating, or die trying.

Three: Be Hopeful; life without hope is like a human body without water. Smile, genuine smile: Stop frowning, Make eye contact, Initiate conversation, Laugh, and Engage. Dream, dream big. Be pragmatic, combining your intuitive power with your rational thinking. Enjoy every day of the week. Make money work for you instead of you working for money. Do what you love, love what you do. Never do something that you will later on regret. Remember, guilty conscience destroys your self-confidence. Never undervalue work, any kind of work; without it you have no dignity, perhaps even no friends. Fight procrastination. Stay away from bad influences. Be open to new possibilities, to new people, to new destinations. Embrace new challenges. Never give up. Know your needs and wants. Appreciate life. Favor a simple lifestyle, but avoid being simplistic. Never get stuck in a rut. Reinvent yourself whenever your old self wears off. Remain young at heart. Every time you fail, learn from it. Risen like a phoenix from the ashes. Always remember this Japanese proverb: fall seven times, stand up eight.Β And what Thomas Edison said: I have not failed 10,000 times. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Four: Be bold. Be courageous. Never hesitate to say NO to anyone if you have to say it. Prioritize. Be firm. Never let fear control you. Remember what R. W. Emerson once said: do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.Β Remember, too, this advice from the art of war for writers: to overcome fear, act as if you have no fear; turn your feelings of fear into positive energy that you can exploit; set challenging goals and take immediate actions toward those goals, never wait until it is too late; never let fear cripple you. Never give false promises. Be punctual. Plan carefully. Be spontaneous, too. Be modest. Be yourself. Have time for yourself. Respect yourself, your time, respect others, and their time. Never kiss ass. Be compassionate, but never try hard to please others beyond your means. Be financially healthy: stay within budget and spend wisely, save if you can. Remember the sage’s advise to his son: don’t be so sweet that people swallow you up, nor so bitter that they spit you out. Do the right thing, not because you fear Higher Authority or you want some kind of reward. Never let anyone take advantage of you; never take advantage; as the Teacher said, always do for other people everything you want them to do for you. Be selfish, be selfless, depending on the situation. Love. Love passionately. Be patient. Be angry when you have to be, never repress your feelings. Be neither passive nor violent, but non-violent; keep distance when you get provoked, never submit to the temptations of violence. Be thankful to your parents, to siblings, to friends, to anyone that crosses your path and affects you positively or even negatively—you need both yin and yang to be a complete being. Be thankful to the Infinite.

Five: Never compromise your core values. If you compromise, woe is you!


4 thoughts on “A reminder to My Present and Future Me

  1. thanks for reminding us of sho jo ji man! downloaded it from youtube, read about it on wikipedia and all.

    i always used to think it was sho sho sho do di …. he is always hungry…. qoy qoy qoy πŸ™‚

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