Write, write,
write, my dear,
write, express
coz you give me peace
you give me comfort
you lift my stress
you soothe my pains!!!
Write, my dear,
write, write,
write out loud,
original and bold!!!
Write it
rant and rave it …
till the ink runs out
oh I forgot
you use ink no more
so type it dear
type, type
till your fingers ache
and don’t hit the road
like Jack,
come back more
write more
write, dear …
compose the sonnet
the lyrics
the epic …
write the uncategorized…
it’s magic,
you know,
the way
you make


6 thoughts on “Write!

  1. magical,
    the way one’s writings make one feel.

    true, way to go.
    Glad to see you in.

    let us know after you are done 18 or more commenting among your peers.

  2. I love this poem. To be good at making stories you do just need to write, write, write! I’d love it if you’d look at my blog. I am an aspiring author and it has all my stories on it. Thanks! Gertie xxx

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