Truth or Half-truth?

People rarely
wanna face,
or hear,
the truth about themselves;
they seem quite happy
with a half-truth;
so don’t always tell
THE truth;
tell a half-truth
if you wanna avoid dismay,
a lesson am learning
the hard way.
If you are determined
to tell the truth,
the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,
so help you God!
And you better
be prepared
to face the risk,
the animosity, the hatred!
The truth, my friend,
is a risky business,
so Fela Kuti once said.
But bear in mind
that a half-truth
is a whole lie,
as the Yiddish proverb
would testify.
And you shall know
that the truth
will set you free!


4 thoughts on “Truth or Half-truth?

  1. There would not have been a better time to say it…. Half truth.. It pierces in slowly and painfully… tormenting every fibre of your feelings. And ah the straight bitter truth.. It kills you in one go…

    1. Yes, both truth and lie may hurt us equally, but only the pain of the former is liberating (of course, sometimes one could be forced to tell a lie for a greater good, for a good cause, to avoid a disaster of some sort, but that is such a rare case, and a lie is still a lie, and one will still have to confess or face the truth).

      Glad you enjoyed the song 🙂

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