When you love someone …

When you love someone,
you want them to be happy
all the time. If leaving you
is what makes them happy,
then you let it be; you
let them go; you let them fly
like a kite in the sky.
You shouldn’t stop them; you
mustn’t fight, though
the feeling of loss may hurt.
Yes, you may have been taught
you have to fight for that
someone you love. But
that is only if they
also love you—if their heart,
body, and mind
are still committed to yours.
But someone that abandons
you for another someone,
you just have to let her or him go!
You shouldn’t fight them;
it isn’t worth it!
Your fight would defeat
the purpose of love. That
Love is unselfish, patient.
Just let them go; let
the feelings you’ve for them
never bruise or control you!
“I’m gonna kill you!”
“I’m gonna kill myself!”
That is nonsense!
Never hurt anyone
because they want you no more.
Love never lets you hurt, but
obsession, yes, can make you suffer.
And never let anyone hurt you,
or make you feel worthless
because there is someone that loves you,
someone somewhere in the universe!
Just let them go!
By letting them go, you
are showing them how much
you love and care.
That you support their
decision, current motion,
reason or emotion
even if you feel
miserable or sorrowful.
Let them enjoy their new adventure
because love is not about
possessing the other.


16 thoughts on “When you love someone …

  1. I like it – captures the feeling well. I am a cryptic poem fan so I would enjoy it even more if it’s less “prose” I think…but then again I can’t really say that without seeing it in that kind of form

  2. this is beautiful, Elyas….and so true. But when I was 20, why didn’t I know this? It has taken a lot of living for me to learn these things. Dragging behind, clinging to his pant legs was not the way to handle the loss! tee hee. 🙂 Thank you for your writing that always touches my heart and soul.

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