Move on …

Never allow people (love interests, friends, relatives,Β colleagues, employers, etc) that seem to think they are too good for you—or that you are not good enough for them—put you down. Keep your spirits high, and stay away from such patronizing individuals. Most likely they don’t deserve you, so let them not mistreat you. Don’t stick around those that consider you insignificant, move on. Be around people that respect, admire, challenge, encourage, and inspire you; that understand your weakness and strength and that directly, honestly, openly, and regularly communicate with you; that brighten your day, that make you smile as much as they make you angry; that tell you they want your presence in their world; that show you in action they value your friendship, that you are not uninvited guest or unwanted subject in their life; and vice versa. Never bow down! Never submit, but ignore or say good-bye to arrogant, elitist, or extremely selfish persons. Surround yourself with compassionate, genuine, and uplifting souls whenever possible—even if that means few people, few friends to spend your times with. Better to have just one friend or none than to be surrounded by too many that are superficial. Be proud of yourself, love your individuality, and you will find someone that loves it, or someone that doesn’t treat it with disdain—chances are that there are plenty out there. Someone that talks to you condescendingly (or someone that is pretentious), and someone that challenges you so you can be a better person are two different individuals: the former suffers from a superiority complex (or is just trying to impress you, lacking sincerity), but the latter values you as a person and wants to keep you around. Keep the latter. Keep also those who you can lean on during your happy and sad days, and vise versa.


2 thoughts on “Move on …

  1. Thank you!! GREAT words after um….okay many frustrating weeks at work…now…I am off to a going away party for my boss whom I adore…and some of her supervisors will be there and I am just gonna enjoy the evening and her company and remember your words. Thank you!

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