Stalin: Man of Steel

Stalin – a man who transformed a backward, agrarian Soviet Union into an industrial superpower, but at the cost of more than 20 million innocent Soviet citizens.

“STALIN: MAN OF STEEL is a multi-faceted portrait of the man who succeeded Lenin as the head of the Soviet Union. Stalin ruled with an iron fist, treating his people like grist for the mill of power and threatening the world with his expansionist fantasies. He was one of the most influential and notorious leaders of the 20th century. With a captivating blend of period documents, newly-released information, newsreel and archival footage and interviews with experts, the program examines his rise to power, deconstructs the cult of personality that helped him maintain an iron grip over his vast empire, and analyzes the policies he introduced, including the deadly expansion of the notorious gulags where he banished so many of his countrymen to certain death.” — Editorial Review


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