10 Reasons Why I Dislike Some Movies Made in Ethiopia

  1. very low degree of craft and aesthetic ingenuity
  2. dull, ridiculous and superficial acting, clumsy direction
  3. horrible cinematography (terrible lighting and amateurish camera movements)
  4. great story, but tasteless storytelling (always linear narrative structure, weak plots and characterizations, immature screenplays)
  5. lack of authentic voice (always trying so hard to imitate bollywood or hollywood blockbusters, lack of substance and originality, little effort to localize global concepts, therefore, set a bad example for locals by uncritically emulating foreign values)
  6. nightmarish sound and visual effects
  7. cacophonic, meaningless soundtracks or music (out of content, out of place, and worse, no respect for copyrighted materials)
  8. awful set and costume design
  9. sickening “lip-synching”
  10. minimal artistic ambitions

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