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Beauty and Perception: What’s Beautiful?

Hello Friends: Here is a GuestPost by Rediet Yibekal on the perception of beauty. Every culture has its own understanding of beauty, which is often biased as skin color (or tones) and physical appearances remain the measuring sticks that define who is beautiful and who is not. Add to that the history of slavery, colonialism, racism, and various wars of conquest.  Nowadays, beauty (both masculine … Continue reading Beauty and Perception: What’s Beautiful?


Always doubtful, always cynical, you were, even when I called you beautiful. You never took my compliments well. You never understood, you never believed I loved you so much, and you never trusted I enjoyed your touch. You were too skeptical, too insecure, too self-critical, and too passionless; you constantly grumbled, you made me lose interest, and slowly I found it pointless to whisper in … Continue reading Doubtful

Here Come The Enemies, Where IS Ras Alula’s Sword?

Fear: Of the unknown, of the uncertain, of the bleak, Of dealing with loss, of failure, of making mistake. Indecision: Limited choice, unlimited choice, Makes no difference, what is it that I want, What is my calling, what will give me happiness? Self-doubt: I don’t deserve this, I don’t deserve that, I am not smart, am I?, I have no talent, I cannot do this, … Continue reading Here Come The Enemies, Where IS Ras Alula’s Sword?