Blooming Brooming Building Rebuilding Or ruining . . . Trying, failing More failing And failing And succeeding . . . Progressing Regressing Or being stuck in between A ghost and a demon . . . Anxiety and stress Insecure and restless Or stream and moonlight Calm and confident . . . Life . . . Meaningful, meaningless Mindful, mindless Heartful, heartless Soulful, soulless Lustful, lustless … Continue reading Life


Unpacking                       Packing Unpacking Packing                       Unpacking Packing All over again… Unpacking Shredding Tearing Folding Unfolding Keeping Throwing Packing Pieces of life In this house Full of memories That one feels forever attached to, Forever connected. Once again… Unpacking                       Packing Unpacking Packing                       Unpacking Packing                       Moving… *** Continue reading Packing

New York City

The Beat of New York

Click Click Crick Crick Crack Crack Croak Croak Clack Clack Clock Clock The Beat The Heat The Feet The Meat The Feat The Beat of New York Crack Crack Click Click Clock Clock 24 Hours Sleepless Souls Trains Thoughts Freezing Dizzying Cold Ads Endless Sirens Fires Shots Hospitals Courts Guards Nerds Students Tourists Waiters Artists Janitors Merchants Restless Hustlers Smokers Preachers Bikers Countless Faces Homeless … Continue reading The Beat of New York